Maybe we can hook up when I'm returning down the coast someday. From time to time I drive my
wife to Portland to see her mom then take the slow way back, then pick her up at the airport at the
end of the week. I'm not likely to be doing anything like Balloon Dome myself because I don't have the heat tolerance in summer I once had for the deep canyons. More of a coast and high country
guy now. But I am contemplating a late Spring tuneup hike to the overlook way above Balloon, though the odds of clear air for a really clean shot are not good due to pollen levels down in the
canyon. I'm slowing getting to be a geezer, but am planning a hundred mile backpack this summer with a fair amt of steep off-trail, but no real class 3 stuff, mainly because the fellow going with me
isn't a climber. But my hands are starting to get stiff with either age or carpal. I'm eager to retire and get away from these damn keyboards.