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    Doug where did you lose your power? I have discovered that when something is lost, I always find it in the last place I look. So if you just go to the last place where you would look for your power and you will find it there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius Glass View Post
    When cooked with virgin olive oil and served with a chilled dry white wine.
    Popeye's gonna be upset to hear that! Though the way she acted sometimes, I wonder about the virgin part.
    I do use a digital device in my photographic pursuits when necessary.
    When someone rags on me for using film, I use a middle digit, upraised.

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    Today it was so cold in Los Angeles that …

    Sirius Glass: I don't know where it went. I looked for it everywhere but I couldn't find it. Strange,though, everywhere around where I live people had power.Maybe they took it and wouldn't give it back?

    But seriously, there are a lot of very tired and overworked folks that are still on the job after a long rest trying to restore power to a large number of people here in T.O and the surround municipalities. Mother Nature isn't making it easy for them. As soon as the downed tree branches are cleared, the Hydro crews, some from as far away as Manitoba, start re-connecting the large feeder wires then as soon as that is done, the wind picks up and more wires come down because of the ice still on them. So the whole process starts again. Very frustrating.

    The latest estimates are that most of the people without power will have it back by Sunday at the latest if the weather co-operates.




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