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    Quote Originally Posted by Dstrouse
    I think the outfitter supplies a dry bag for your clothes, etc., and I am going to by a large dry bag for my photo gear. I also plan on taking a box of heavy duty zip lock bags for individual item protection.
    If they are the same type I had long ago, any sharp object will puncture them, ie. a camera with sharp corners that is a bit more than a t shirt in weight. Better to get something before you go than to find out when you get there it is inadequate, with no place to for an alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dstrouse
    I have already told the outfitter about my camera so they know. I am pretty self sufficient in the wild, so I know how to use a map and compass and I am skilled in keeping myself "found."
    If you do plan to leave the group for a spell, be careful. Decide how much water you will need and then double it. The bottom of the canyon is hot and like a blast furnace the heat is dry and will suck the moisture away really fast. make sure you post pictures when you get back.
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