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    Hi Rachelle,
    I've spent quite a bit of time in the Kalimantan provinces in southern Borneo. I've only shot black and white, but I did wish for colour for the wild flowers. Most of the photo opportunities I had were where there were openings in the forest, like along rivers and roads, and where there were villages. Almost all the wildlife I've seen were on the margins of the jungle. Once deep inside the forest there was very little in the way of wildlife of any kind, even bugs. I've never been to Sarawak or Sabah, but hopefully they have more natural forest remaining than does Peninsular Malaysia. When you are in the forest itself it is not as hot as in the open areas, and not unpleasant.
    I couldn't carry a lot of camera gear in addition to my working gear, so I took one 35mm camera and two zooms, covering 28 to 300mm. And lots of HP5+. A tripod or at least a monopod would be very useful inside the forest.
    I'm sure you already know this, but don't forget some ziplock bags to put the cameras/lenses in before going from the hot humid outside into an air-conditioned room.
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    September is some time away so definitely spend some time practicing your film/ developing regime and improving fitness a little bit, at least. If you plan to stay 2 - 3 weeks that is certainly enough time to properly explore the National Parks. The best stuff is often some distance away from where humans frequently cause disturbance, so you will have to do a good amount of walking to really see the forest and wildlife. As for wildlife, you could get lucky but don't count on seeing major species without a good amount of waiting or hiking. You should plan to visit the Orangutan sanctuaries in the region.

    Mt Kinabalu is quite a good destination, even if you don't plan to hike to the summit. The forest around the mountain offers a good variety of special plants, and as I recall there was a very good orchid garden at the entrance to the park.

    At Mulu, there are various day hikes you should do to properly see the park. There are also boat rides to see various caves that are a lot of fun.

    There are tons of books about Borneo. I've read this one and it is a good read:

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