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Thread: Cape Cod report

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    Cape Cod report

    Here's a rundown on photography at Cape Cod this past week.

    Weather was fabulous - generally cool, but not a cloud in sight. Well, photographically that's not ideal, but there were still photo opportunities. Haven't processed my negs yet, but am especially looking forward to:
    - shadows of a tree on a cedar-shingled boathouse in Yarmouthport
    - abandoned pier in Provincetown (behind Marine Specialties)
    - panorama of fishing boats in the channel at the Chatham Fish Pier
    - rock in surf at Coast Guard beach
    - sunset scene at Point of Rocks beach in Brewster
    - fueling shed at Wynchmere Harbor
    - the trail at the Audobon Society nature preserve in Wellfleet

    Jon Vaughn, owner of Yankee Ingenuity in Chatham, and an outstanding MF color photographer, has published a collection of his work as a book titled "Coastal Effects". I've long admired Jon's work (and envied the fact that he lives at the Cape and can photograph there year-round).

    Tom Ruddeforth has started showing black and white work in addition to his traditional color both in his home gallery in Brewster and at the group gallery in Chatham. Nice work.

    For some nice portraiture, visit Song of Myself gallery in Provincetown. Brad Fowler specializes in black and white portraiture and his work is exquisite. Brad used to use 4x5 Polaroid P/N for his portraits, but has now gone over to the digital darkside. But its still nice to look at.

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    Have you ever photographed on Block Iland? Just wandering.



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