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    Wow, those are terrifying stories, Peter. I remember the tragedy a couple weeks ago with the father and 10 yr old. Horrible.

    Your story about your dog resonates as well. If one of mine went in, I'd go in after him too, but am less sure it'd have as happy an ending. Glad it worked out for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Colley
    aint much more fun than the adventure of a tripod, a camera, 3-4 layers of clothing, -20F without the windchill factor, 25mph wind gusts and no one else around to bother you!

    and dont forget the silence.
    I have to agree... I recall February 2004 - Photographing the "Grande Chutes" in Quebec. It is quite a piece back in the hills along some logging trails, followed by a good hike through thigh deep snow. My brother came with me, we took take two Jeeps (in case one got stuck or broke down), it was -20° with a bit of a breeze. Lets just say my cable release was no longer flexible... After an hour of working with no gloves (using the Arca-Swiss) I had managed to take a few pictures. My fingers were numb, my brother finally had the fire going and the water boiling for some soup to go with our lunch. That is when I realized I left the soup in the Jeep. We had a good laugh, packed up and hiked back to the Jeeps. (hey, at least I didn't forget any camera gear). I took a can of smoked Herrings (in a hot sauce of course) and mixed it in with some cold KD... When you are that cold and hungry it tasted like a gourmet meal....

    Photographing in the winter can be an amazing experience...

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