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Those of you living there now, how did you manage to rent a place? I've heard foreigners have to go through agencies for Gaijjin housing. Is there anyone you'd reccomend in particular? Which parts of Kyoto would you reccomend especially, or are there any areas I should definitely avoid?
I'm no gaijin here, and I don't know what the situation is for the foreign tourists. But what's common for a temporary stay is perhaps to rent one of the monthly or weekly/bi-weekly "mansions" apartments. The world "mansion" doesn't mean anything other than a rabit hole. Business people (mostly Japanese, though) love these apartments because they are usually furnished and internet-ready. I think all you need is a credit card and a copy of your passport. It's like renting a car, I think. I could be wrong.

The city of Kyoto is small enough (reminds me of Philadelphia) so that you can pretty much stay anywhere and walk around.