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    Going to Glasgow Scotland

    I am at the beginning phase of planning a trip to Glasgow for a few weeks in June 2007.

    I am wondering what the photo scene is like over there? Are there a few must-see photo galleries?

    I do not plan on bringing film with me, so are there a few photo shops around where I can buy medium format film?

    And lastly, what are the "must-see" places that I should see and photograph?


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    David, Glasgow is a wonderful city to visit and is relatively close to some excellent Scottish countryside. Loch Lomond is not far away, I would suggest that you consider visiting the Aberfeldy area on the west side of the Loch, you will pass one or two smaller Lochs on the drive. I don't know much about the gallery scene in Glasgow but Edinburgh has two or three very good galleries. Why will you not have film? It can be very expensive in the UK and if you are a LF user film will be difficult to find. Even 35mm and 120 is only stocked in any quantity by Calumet who are based south of Edinburgh.
    You also did not say how long you will be in Scotland, please let me know by PM and I'll let you have some information about areas within a sensible distance of Glasgow. One word of warning though, you say that you will be there in June so I have to tell you about "midges" these are small flies that can be found intheir 0000's and will bite like hell if they find that they like the taste of you.
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    Film first- most of the cost effective sources in the UK that offer a good range are mail/internet/telephone outlets not retailers in the true sense. These are more likely to have what you want in reasonable bulk and they can deliver quickly. Whilst the prices may be good in UK terms, they probably won't match the cheapest you can get in the US- though they will certainly be cheaper than I pay in the US if I run short and have to buy 120/220 locally. By way of example I'm currently paying about $4 per roll for TX 120 and more like $3 for Ilford.

    Destinations. Well no doubt Glasgow and Edinburgh will occupy a few days of your time, but the real scotland lies north. On the assumption that you'll have a car, drive north from Glasgow for two hours and you'll be in Glencoe and if you just drive north from there keeping close to the west coast and following some of the little roads, you'll see the best Scotland has to offer at that time of year. If you get right to the top, around Durness and Tongue, so much the better. If you can get on a boat across to the Hebridean Island of Lewis and (especially) Harris then that's great too.

    A couple of things you need to know. First its likely you'll find the midges out. If you know about mosquitoes there's possibly not a lot more you need to know about midges except that they're smaller but no less voracious.

    Second, have a look at the sunrise/sunset tables to understand the length of day you'll be coping with in June. Given that as ever the best photography is likely to be late and early you'll find they aren't separated by much.



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