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It's not so much that people want to know what's 'cheap', as it is that they don't get ripped off. There used to be electronics stores on the avenues that had screaming banners in their windows: "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS...SALE!!!". They were, of course, totally scammy, scummy businesses, but they must have had their share of takers. Comming to anyplace you don't know would be a lot more comfortable if you had some native's guidance. I think it's a pretty reasonable request to find out what you can before you arrive.
Sorry, jovo, but this doesn't wash. The people who get ripped off at these "Going out of Business" stores ARE the very ones who are looking to do things "on the cheap"! And that's exactly what these stores are looking for - cheapo pigeons!

As the OP said, he's looking to have a good time and not try to do things on a "tightwad budget". He plays and enjoys music - there are wonderful venues for all kinds of music. He wants good food - and boy, do we have good food. And if you're visiting NYC for a brief time - forget being cheap and just going to whatever half-price tickets are available for a Broadway show. Open the wallet and see something you WANT to see - not just anything so you can say you went to a show!

Simple fact of the matter is, with the ultra-strong Euro, the US is a bargain from the get go. The real stores in NYC (not the schlock shysters) are packed with European and Asian tourists who enjoy the City for all that it has to offer. People who know Hermes are smart enough to know you don't buy it from folding table vendors on street corners!

What amazes me is that the same American cheapos when it comes to NYC are willing to go to Vegas and drop several or more grand staring at flashing lights on a slot machine and think they had a great vacation because the Hotel/Casino had a $5.99 all-you-can-eat breakfast!