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Thread: Dear Jorge

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    Jan 2003
    South Pasadena, CA USA
    Jorge, I know you can help but I thought this would be a good general question too...

    I am travelling to Mexico City in two weeks for three days of business. I am trying to decide what to take. I've been many times, always with a little Leica, and the street photography seems to be unparalleled. But now I am using larger formats. Is it worth it or safe enought to take a 4x5 if I won't be leaving the city? I have an AS monorail, so it's pretty conspicuous.

    Thank you!

    David G Hall

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    Sep 2002
    Large Format
    Hey David, like every city in the world depends on where you go. I have shot in Mexico City with my Linhof TK and had no problem whatsoever. Of course at the time I was with a friend so that was better for those times you are under the blanket. Is it worth it to take the AS? absolutely! Remember there is Teotihuacan nearby, about 2 hours, you can go there also. If you go outside the city, is even better. I regularly travel with my 8x10, 12x20 and sometimes the 4x5 and have not had any trouble, not even once. People are friendly and mainly curious as to what you are doing. So my advice is, if you stick to the normal touristic places you will be ok.



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