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Thread: UK Trip?

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    If you stay in some small B&Bs in Scotland you may be required to show a marriage certificate to prove you're married - or you'll be allocated a twin bedded room. Most Scots are normal however. :lol:
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    Windscale wrote:

    "With the fullest respect to Ireland and the Irish, the place deserves a much longer time to visit. Two weeks would barely be enough to cover England, Scotland and Wales."

    We lived in England for three years, six months in Cornwall and the rest in London, put thousands of miles on the car in that time, and we never even made it up to Scotland.

    There is just way too much to see there, but we will always remember the white Christmas of 1970 in London.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic823 View Post
    The wife and I are thinking about a vacation in the UK next year. I have airline miles that I need to burn so the airfare is taken care of. We are planning on 2 weeks and hitting Scotland (wife's ancestry) and Wales (my ancestry). I would have to see Stonehenge and Ireland also. This will be mainly a photo trip for me.

    So my questions are:

    1. When would be the best time of the year?
    2. What are the "musts" to see and photograph?
    3. Rental Car or other transportation?
    4. Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts?

    Steve, one word of caution - don't try and do too much
    The UK is a slow place to get around; if you are not careful you will end up zooming past all sorts of interesting places and never stopping at any of them.

    In answer to your questions

    1) I think the best time of year to photograph is May.
    Spring has sprung and just about everywhere looks green and verdant
    The days are long - sun rise at about 5AM and sets around 8PM
    It is out of peak holiday season - so the roads & Hotels are quiet(ish) but most places are open in readiness for the summer rush
    There is a good chance of spring sunshine but as this is the UK it could also be cool and wet
    Bring a waterproof coat and an umbrella

    2. What are the "musts" to see and photograph?
    Too many to list
    London is fabulous for sight seeing – and holiday snaps – but manic and expensive
    The English Lakes are beautiful and tranquil – and great for landscape photos
    Both Wales and Scotland have fabulous photo opportunities – almost everywhere – just find where you ancestors came from and go from there – there is loads to photograph everywhere
    However - you will need to do quite a lot of your own searching with
    for England - http://www.enjoyengland.com/
    Scotland - http://www.visitscotland.com/
    Wales - http://www.tourismwales.co.uk/

    3. Rental Car or other transportation?
    Rent a car – public transport outside of London is slow and expensive
    Make sure you specify an Automatic (as we usually drive manuals) and you will have enough to cope with driving on the wrong side of the road
    Try and get a Diesel – they do lots more miles per gallon
    Rent a car with Sat Nav – we have lots of winding disorienting roads.
    Stick to major roads where possible to begin with – easier to navigate and drive on
    If you do London – leave the car at the Hotel – just use Public Transport to get in/out of London & walk when in the centre of London – its surprisingly compact

    4. Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts?
    I would go for Hotels in large cities like London or Edinburgh
    However, in more rural locations Bed and Breakfasts are good value for money
    Most towns of any size will have a Tourist Information Centre and you can book B&Bs (bed & Breakfasts) through them – some also do a scheme which allows you to book a B&B at your next destination
    The Tourist Info Centres are easy to find (usually sign posted) and are a mine of useful local information – just ask for help when you get there.

    Have a great time


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    Martin's right 2 weeks is just like dipping your toe in.

    The UK is an amazing place, quite unlike most of main land Europe in its diversity and variety. So you need to be quite focused and visit a few places.

    I was in Dubrovnik a couple of months ago and got talking to 2 Australians who had just spent a month in the UK, so I asked where did you visit. I was surprised when they said Cornwall, the Peak District, North Yorkshire Moors and Edinburgh. Apart from missing out Snowdonia (North Wales) I'd say they got it right, those are my suggestions, and happen to be where I work most shooting landscapes.


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    I havn't been to Stonehenge for thirty years but I am sure that the stones have not changed in that short space of time. To me it was a mystical place. I will never forget it, and I got a good pic! Go there! Especially if that is your only chance.

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