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Thread: San Diego

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    May 2009
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    I'm there for a trade show, I have about 2 hours to shoot per day with available light, maybe 4 if i wake up at 5 am. No nudes, though it is nice to hear it can be done.

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    I lived in San Diego for 8 years until 2005. Balboa Park is really nice. I like the conservatory and Japanese Garden (which you have to pay a small fee for), and there are a lot of nice buildings and patios to explore. You just have to keep an eye out for other wandering visitors who might walk into your shot.

    How about Black's Beach in Del Mar? The cliffs might make an interesting backdrop. La Jolla Cove is good if you want rocks and waves in the shot. Both are just a short drive from downtown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aluk View Post
    On a completely unrelated subject, a friend is in SD for a conference over the weekend and will have some free time. I thought I might ask her to pick up some film and/or chems for me, as it is usually far cheaper in the States than here. Any place still carrying a full range of darkroom supplies that I might direct her to?

    Edit: I can not really ask her to head up to Freestyle, unfortunately
    I live in the San Diego area, and have found Calumet in Escondido an unreliable source for darkroom and film supplies. Nelson's has a much better inventory in that respect, and is much closer to the Convention Center, downtown, and the airport.

    John Clark

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