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Howard Bond obviously had a different business model to me! I know what works for me. I shoot a second neg at +1 for most images in case one has a flaw on it so my 10 shots on a roll reduces to 5 or 6. What I didn't mention is that the trip is a total of well over 4 weeks and includes Hong Kong and Sydney before New Zealand. I do landscapes and cities and the variety of shots will be large. I sell a lot of city shots, day and night views, and sometimes the customer is very specific about what they want so if I haven't taken it I can't make a sale. Landscapes are not quite that specific but I still need lots of locations to make as much money from the sale of prints and image licensing. After all, the cost of film is cheap compared to the cost of repeating the trip if I miss shots. I understand where you're coming from but I'll stick to what I know will get me at least a couple of hundred good shots from the trip.
Sounds like a photo marathon. Where you you find the time to print them all? It usually takes me a few days to get the best out of one negative. In some cases, I go back a few times and do it again to improve on the last session. A couple of hundred shots would keep me in the darkroom for a long time!