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    Fees for photographers in Australia

    I came across this on the CBC today. It won't affect amateurs much, but for people who are trying to make a serious living at photography, it could be a bit of a problem.
    Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

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    Suddenly someone in Canada will get the idea that this can be revenue for cities and Presto! we will have it as well. However, I bet you pay the money for the coordinator, the security and the clean-up and nobody actual shows to do any of those jobs; it's just a tax to pay for people the government never plans on hiring, just putting the fees in general revenue for whatever they feel like. Like the tax on fuel to pay for road maintenance but less than 35% of that tax ever makes it into roads.

    It does note there would have to be more than 10 crew involve but I wonder if that means 10 photographers/assistants or 10 people in general (like a bridal party)?
    Once a photographer is convinced that the camera can lie and that, strictly speaking, the vast majority of photographs are "camera lies," inasmuch as they tell only part of a story or tell it in a distorted form, half the battle is won. Once he has conceded that photography is not a "naturalistic" medium of rendition and that striving for "naturalism" in a photograph is futile, he can turn his attention to using a camera to make more effective pictures.

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