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    "Shooting the Hollywood Stars"

    Has anyone seen “Shooting the Hollywood Stars” by Rankin? In this film he recreated a shot of Jane Russell who sadly passed away in the last year, but featured in interview with Rankin for this film.


    In this clip, about 1 minute 30 seconds in she mentions the flattening of the models hair is on the wrong side and then looking in the mirror shrugs. I believe Howard Hughes was involved in commissioning the shoot and I just wondered if Jane Russell was correct in what she said and the negs were printed shiny side down on his instruction. Any thoughts?

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    The video won't load here...

    Well not to be negative about people who died, because I'd rather be negative about them when they are alive...but I thought Jane Russell was a terrible actress, and not that great looking either, unless of course you have a mommy complex and need to see women with humongous boobs.

    Her face reminded me of Mr Ed and her acting was worse.

    As for a picture being flopped in printing, so what. They did it all the time. If it was shot a certain way then didn't fit into a movie poster or ad, and they wanted the face looking the other way, they'd just flop it.

    The other thing they often do is change the part in the hair. Playboy was always doing that to their models. Most of them parted their hair in the middle but the hair stylist would part it on one extreme side and then brush it all over to the other which made it easier to shoot with a head tilt and no hair falling into their eyes or face.
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