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My rig for low-level wild camping is the bottom left photo on this page.

Using a DD hammock and DPM basha means I can setup 150 feet into the trees and the camp will be invisible to anyone from the trail.

Much nicer waking up surrounded by forest rather than enclosed in a tent and helps leave no trace.

Wood burning kettle means I don't have to carry fuel for cooking, leaving room for my Zero Image panoramic, Berlebach tripod, film, etc.

The more experience developed, the simpler your kit becomes.

But always go for the best quality you can afford for the items you carry.
Thanks for the advice. A hammock does sound appealing.

It's just unfortunate in the UK that, because of the nature of our landscapes - plantations, reservoirs and agricultural lowlands - going out with the spirit of adventure, most people assume you've been reading too much Tolkien and can't see the reality. There's a certain stigma to it that has put me off thus far. Scotland appeals to me, not only for the photographic opportunities, but because there is less fantasy and anorak mentality it would seem - it's more of a serious and clear headed commitment; a challenge, adventure. Reading The Lord of the Rings in your tent, on a rainy night, on boggy moorland in the Pennines on the other hand is less romantic and more... tragic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_a1wxqloEs