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    C'mon people.

    People who use and love film have to realize that they are such a tiny part of the population now that you can reasonably referred to a very small niche market.

    The analogy about listening to music with records compared to CDs and iPods is pretty much the same argument.

    The general public left the records, and they left film years ago. The articles are about what the general public uses, not some niche group. The only time mainstream media will give you any press is when someone is writing an article and includes it as a nostalgia piece or states that X photographer uses film. And the only reason they write it is that it seems quaint.

    Film has moved into the obscure, as far as the general public knows and cares.

    You are the equivalence of people who still shoot black powder instead of cartridges and get together on weekends and try to kill paper targets.

    Get over it, and do what you like to do and quit worrying about what the mainstream cares about.
    I couldn't think of anything witty to say so I left this blank.

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    I agree with pdeeh #26 post and I would add that this forum could be a formidable ambassador of film qualities and analogue processes if there were less of an "us-and-them" attitude.

    Digital photography is photography and a digital photographer is somebody who shares with us the same passion. Mon semblable, mon frère. Comments tending to vilify digital photographers prevent this site from having a participating audience bigger than what it would otherwise reach IMO.

    Sticking to analogue techniques is different from assuming a superiority attitude toward the rest of the world. That makes the forum look very narrow-minded.
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