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    Certainly, I do not suffer ongoing pain from this incident. In essence, it is really rather trivial when viewed relatively, in comparison with all of life's woes. I did not want to create an 'apology' here, baring my soul for forgiveness or sympathy. In fact, an alterior motive on my part could have been intended (which it was not) and astute readers would have been justified in interpreting this post as 'tricking' some of you into heralding my 'heart' and high standard as a human. I say this to diffuse that potential intent.

    Rather, I posted this to remind all of us that sometimes we think that we are justified when we are not. I think that we can all benefit by interpreting this incident in this way. There is not one of you who feels that he or she has not done something wrong to someone during a respective lifetime.

    I do appreciate the comments; it makes no difference as to whether they are adulatory or not, as long as they are sincere and honest. (I am looking for feedback and not political camaraderie.) I wanted to remind all that traps are easy to fall into when we base our decisions solely on relying upon the 'fact' that we are 'good' people and, thus, do not have to be bothered by looking into our behavior too closely. - David Lyga
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafal Lukawiecki View Post
    That took courage, David, to write. Those words came from your heart, and that is what it means, that contrary to the event, you have a heart.
    I have to agree. We all mature, and, some of us learn and grow. I certainly hope I have. I would now respect a persons wishes no matter if they were famous or not. At a young age, I too would have found it hard to resist taking the photo.
    Thanks for posting this.

    Moma don't take my Kodachrome away!
    Oops, Kodak, of all people, did!


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