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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneNYC View Post
    Too lazy to destroy the negative is a lame excuse... It takes more effort to include the negative with the prints to send to the "job/client" than to make a pile and set it on fire or send it through a shredder...
    "being lazy" is a lame excuse ?
    ... i've created singular images/ objects for a long time ...
    with previous work, the negatives have always been ephemeral ( and i never had to deal with them ) ...
    i do not want destroy these new negatives because i am selfish and lazy,
    it took me 25+ years to get here, and if i destroy my negatives, it will put me back 25 years,
    i am too lazy to do it all over again ... besides i will probably be dead in 25 years
    and don't plan on making photographs from the grave.

    it is labor intensive making the prints (images) since i will be doing it all by hand
    . ... not sure how including the negative is considered more effort .. the negative is already made ...

    i guess if you only processing film making the negative is the hard part ... ?

    Why not send the negative as the copywrite <sic> registration .... Then they have it and you don't have to deal with it...
    the copyright office doesn't retain negatives
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