Yes and yes and more yeses to Pdee! I got a taped copy of that album in 1986, Although i beleive it was made in 1981-84 somewhere in there. That link brought back a lot of. . . . Shall i say. . . . " fond memories. . . . . On the other side of the tape was murmur, by R.E.M., so there you have it

as to Jnanian, I will of course, take exception to your wording, (LABORIOUS) I know, , , I know. . . It is very rare I draw with light. Although there is a great image of P. Picasso where he used a "light rod" in front of the camera to "expose the gesture" then the strobe hit to freeze him. I do not know who took the photograoh. I just wait for the sun. as always cheers, Have the next one on me!