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    APUG member dbseney is one of the GOOD guys

    A couple of months ago, I bought a 254mm telephoto lens and Alphax shutter for my Crown Graphic from dbseney. It arrived pretty fast and the lens was beautiful. Unbeknownst to he and I, the Alphax shutter had a fault which I didn't discover until I had fired it a number of times. It may have been jarred in shipment even though it was packed very well. dbseney made arrangements for me to send the lens and shutter to his repair person to take care of the problem on his nickel. During this time, dbseney (Donald) and I had corresponded via email regarding the problem. Donald was congenial and very service oriented in spite of the fact that he may have ended up with an additional repair bill from the repair guy.

    The lens came back to me a couple of days ago and it was clear that the repair guy couldn't make the lens work. The shutter blades continued to balk and stay half open on most speeds. I emailed Donald and let him know of the status. He told me, no problem...just send it back to him and he would return my purchase price PLUS the the shipping charge i incurred sending the lens to the repair guy and to him.

    I sent the lens back insured via USPS today and tonight, I already have the returned funds in my Paypal account.

    Donald is a man I would have no hesitation buying a lens from. If he has other lenses here for sale, you may be assured that you are dealing with a reputable and honest man.... speaking of ethics

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    I also purchased a lens from Donald. It was even better than he had described, and he was excellent at communicating with me throughout the entire transaction. He's a pleasure to deal with, and I'd highly recommend dealing with him.
    Film is cheap. Opportunities are priceless.



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