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About ten minutes later my six year-old came down to the darkroom... you know "I'm not tired"! I let him rock the trays, for about two prints. Then he looked pretty sleepy, so back up we went, and to sleep!!
It sounds like you've got it made Suzanne - he just needed to know that even though the darkroom door was shut he could still see you, and more importantly, that it's OK with you. At 3 1/2 my daughter's too young to be left alone like that until she's asleep...if my wife leaves the house and I'm in the darkroom, that's when the baby monitor (great little invention) gets turned on.

I hope Sean never starts a thread for "Spouces/Partners/Children of APUG'ers"...our obsession demands much from those around us!


P.S. Nicole's, "Involve, understand, love, respect and enjoy"...WISE WORDS!