Since the dawn of time mankind has had a need to create, some practical, tools and utencils, some artistic, carvings and cave art, I belive this predisposition to creativity is in the geans of humanity, we cannot help ourselves. Some display this need one way some another, I make photographs.

Being a practical person I do not seek to analise the whyness of my need, I accept it and practice it to the best of my ability, always striving for the perfect one. I am a small cog in the vast machine, to question the perpose of the machine is as pointless as questioning life itself, accept and enjoy, we are a long time dead.

It is prehaps not an explination but it is an answer, at least it is my answer.

Haveing read the posts in this thread, many of them philosophical,deep and meaningful I see a common theam to them all, we have a need.

Regards Paul.