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In this case it's implied that the photographer took a photograph of a coke sign (which would be totally OK), but looking more closely it appears he created his own sign, which is slightly more tricky.

from what I've read, I don't believe that's the case - if you've ever travelled in India (or Africa or Central America etc) you'll know that these signs are everywhere. Every little roadside shack that sells coke has its own home made sign - that's both what this appears to be and also what is apparently the case based on what I've read.

It's not clear if he placed the water containers there or not (and if he did, if he went off and bought them froma nice up-market Dehli store, or just enlisted the help of a few local people lining iup to get their water), but either way, that doesn't really matter.

Perhaps if the whole thing was created in a studio, he might be possibly be pushing it for credibility as a social comment or satire etc - I'm not sure?