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    This image one image that I remember and/or documented my "visualization". Guyla runs a b&b at a beach resort. The house is an old turn-of-the-century Victorian in excellent condition due to Gyula's constant and proficient labors.

    After spending time relaxing on the porch, it occurred to me that the light could produce a great for a portrait. The problem was the brightness coming from the outside dead in front of the lens. I visualized well exposed areas of the porch with a greater exposure of the outside without intolerable overexposure. I used PXP120 film rated at EI 80.

    When I had the camera set up and ready, I ask Guyla to turn from her busy schedule to sit for her portrait. She reluctantly broke down and took a few seconds to relax.

    At that time I planed to develop in D23 but when the time came, I reverted to D76 and developed N-1. It came out as I first visualized it. I have many other images that did not.
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    [QUOTE=Les McLean].........SNIP

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is how much we all respond to what we choose to photograph when faced with having to produce an interpretation of our own "Vision" for others to enjoy, assess or even reject.

    I thought that it may be an interesting challenge for us to show our "Vision" in it's final form and at the same time show each stage in the process of realising that vision. Finally, to write a short explanation of our reasons for making the image in the first place.

    ............end snip

    In spite of yesterday's chain of events I came in triumph to the end of the day.

    Here I inject all caveats regarding scanning.

    The image was not pre conceived but presented itself after much pondering. I studied this huge bush coming over a wall from as many angles as physically possible to find why I was intrigued. What made me stop and look.

    I have only two lenses for my 4X5, a 135mm and a 240mm. The 135 was too wide and I couldn't find the unique image I felt was there. Stepping back and putting on the 240 I found this image. It looked to me as if these flowers were growing up from a vase but in fact they are cascading over a wall. That to me was the uniqueness I was looking for.

    I realize I see my visions framed and matted, that is part of it all. The image without frame doesn't work.

    PS: I don't think the image is going to up load here (48.0 KB) so I'll try and upload to my personal gallery
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