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    Someone else who does conceptual photography and I believe is a member here by the name of Emile Schildt. I attached the picture without permission and hope he doesn't mind.

    Also in the vein is the work of Thomas Sauerwein, also a member.

    Granted they are not as abstract as the Gordin images, but they are far more than pretty pictures.

    I agree that conceptual photography would be a great avenue for someone bored with the usual images to persue.

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    I couldn't think of anything witty to say so I left this blank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Miller

    Speaking for myself, there is one heck of a lot more creative input into formulating a concept and then supporting it with imagery then there is to walk into the mountains and photograph a stand of aspen trees that are already there, by way of example.

    One of the things, for me, is the greater amount of creative input on the part of the photographer that I appreciate.
    Hi Donald, Why don't you just create the pictures you would like to see or would like to have on your wall. Not pictures like his or hers but yous, even if it means your pictures are just like his or hers. (If you get what I mean)
    People are usually best when they create from their own inspiration and wonder what they like themselves instead of wondering what would be concidered good.

    On one of my favorite pictures I get many negative comments because it's very uncommon style and at schools they would say it's bad technique. Still It's a path I keep walking because it touches me and I know there is a lot more in it.

    Best of luck and have a look in your own emotions and feelings I am sure there is a lot of inspiration there.


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    I think Quinten is on to something. Perhaps what we are railing against is a real lack of creativity, vision and soulful fulfillment in our own work? This may be the real source of the "world weariness" expressed in some of these posts. There is such a dearth of the truly creative in so much of what we see, it is an emotional drain on our beings and sucks us dry. The commercialized world of "white bread" photography and the media's insistence that we consume that which is vulgar and not life giving, is taking its toll on our souls. tim

    "The average man seeks agreement in the eyes of others and calls it perfection. The man of knowledge seeks impeccabilty in acts and calls it humility." Juan Matus

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