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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Webb
    There are some of us who are already living your dream. My eye sight is rapidly deteriating, I am no longer able to walk on my own, (power chair) my hands and feet are so numb I can no longer drive a car, remove and replace tiny screws in a camera shutter and my motorcycles sit idle, batteries charged tanks full and spotless just waiting for me. I have a thing called Diabetes and though my Doctor, family and myself continue to do everything possible to stop it, it gets worse dailey. I pretty much understand what my future holds, and I'll play the hand I've been dealt to best of my ability. But when it is all gone, It won't be the end of the world for me, just another change in my life to get used to. I guess I don't have too much faith in dreams, but I am glad I can still have them! Charlie...........
    charlie... Im so sorry to hear this. Although I am very moved by how you are dealing with it. strong character.
    I hope I didnt come across as a whiney little kid. (if so I didnt intend to).
    but nonetheless good thoughts are coming your way and I have faith that with a good attitude like you have things will be good no matter what cards get dealt. sincerely, matt.

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    Hey Scootermm.
    Every thing is cool, I simply wanted to make the point that there are a lot of folks just hanging on that are well on their way to to living out such a dream. I am one of the lucky ones, I have had a wonderful life and done many things others can only dream of. I simply can't forget all the others out there having to deal with far heavier loads than my own! I wouden't wish Diabetes on my worst enemy! Heck, tomorrow may be the day they find a cure or a way to slow it down, I sure woulden't want to miss that!! Charlie........

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