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    Quote Originally Posted by blow
    thanks a lot for your comments once more, they gave me ideas and more important, directions.
    and thanks firecracker for the LA tip, unfortunately Im really far at the moment, living in Berlin and with no much money in my pockets.
    Its seems to me that specially in the area where most of you live (northamerica) there is this kind of non-future for journalism at all, i mean, the media is so manipulated by the big neo-capitalist people and enterprices that there´s no much hope to break into it or even become an alternative voice or ilustration. I dont know its just an idea, here in Berlin there´s a lot of movement regarding photography, but Im still not sure wether its on a "elite level".

    Guten Tag blow,

    Berlin should not be too much different from other major cities, at least on a news and journalism level. I think it is still a noble profession, though somewhat decimated by conglomerates placing too much control over Rights to Images (copyright), or just using poor judgement (too many celebrity features). You can read a little about the industry, so I will give you some resources:

    http://www.dirkhalstead.org/ - try to find the commentaries about the industry, especially rights issues, anything about Sygma, Corbis, or Getty. You can pass on any articles about gear.

    http://www.poynter.org/ - The Poynter Institute is involved in educating journalists and discussing current issues and ethics. Some of this will not be relevant to photography, though still a good source.

    http://www.magnumphotos.com/ - this is for inspiration.

    http://www.lookat.ch/ - more inspiration, but lesser known names. Many of these photographers do longer term projects. You might find some good approaches here.

    Likely you heard of Magnum, though maybe not LookAt. The former is famous and doing well, while the later is now struggling despite good work. This is an industry where a few big names thrive in a realm largely controlled by AP, AFP, Reuters, Corbis and Getty, the last two large corporations that have bought out many other former great small news photography organizations.

    You need to realize that it could be very tough, but if you stick with it you will find it rewarding at times. I do commercial imaging, not photojournalism, though I understand the industry due to frequent contacts. I have done some documentary work, and some videography in the past; enough to know that my passion was more in creating than documenting.

    It would help you a great deal to learn how to write. Covering a story is more than just the images. You need to have captions that can go to print, or even better a good story to go with the images. The purpose of images in news is to get people to slow down their browsing and read.

    Don't worry about budget and equipment too much. All you need is one reliable camera, some film, and a way of observing. The rest will be how you express a creative vision. I wish you luck with this.



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    Jesus! that´s a lot of interesting info. THANKS !!
    Now im just doing what someone said (or maybe more than one) about working by myself in a little story "arround the corner" and prepare a interesting folio.
    Also I find that of writing your own stories attached to the photo-series fundamental, so I must work a bit harder in my german.. anyway, I hope to upload eventually my work to these web to read some opinions by you, fellows dinosaurs-of-clickin´ (in the best of the ways)..
    noch mal Danke schön !!

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    Wonderful !
    "One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid,
    and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision"

    -Bertrand Russell

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