Yeah, people look at my new Tachihara and say, "Wow, thats in incredible shape for such an old camera, do you restore them?"

Better yet, about 10 years ago I was off the side of a gravel road in North Dakota, with an Arriflex SRII on a big set of Ronfords, shooting amber waves of grain, when an old farmer rattled up in his pickup, and began quizzing me about when the road would be paved. I said "pretty soon" he said "damn strait, you people need to quit surveyen, and get pavin' "

On topic, the number of people is a pretty good (but not foolproof) way of discerning the level of production on a shoot. I don't think any lone photographer would have trouble with having his or her family along, as that pretty much follows the underlying reason for the parks in the first place. It's a hair that I doubt would be split. I have always found park rangers and park personnel to function on average many points higher, and be much more in tune with reason, than a typical government functionary. They seem to view safety, and preservation of the resource as their main function, and I have no problem with that.