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    Originally Posted by Gerald Koch
    Does Shore fancy himself as a sort of present day Atget. Documenting various things but in modern color. However, Shore lacks Atget's insight and humor to name two missing concepts in his work.

    I'd also add, Shore does have something of a sense of humour in his photographs, but it's fairly dry and subtle, and while there is also a greater sense of irony, it's nearly always tempered by a strong feeling of affection (much more so than say his contemporary Adams whose work from that period almost feels apocalyptic at times - "there's no hope for suburban America...")

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjorke
    Every viewer will pick their own adjectives, and many viewers, even for the crudest of snapshots, will experience impressions that they cannot neatly tuck into words (or worse, they will pick words that do not fit, and through the effects of mediacy, the words will mask the pictures and subsequently blind everyone who hears them).

    (It may just be an eccentricity, but I deeply mistrust words as a useful descriptive medium for any arts other than verbal ones. Which is a prime reason why I always try to include pictures in any lengthy post, if at all possible.)

    An older related PDF is here. After I made it I realized that all of the photographs had been made within a 500m radius of my desk, though that was not my initial intent.
    I agree that words can be unsatisfying, or worse. And yet sometimes trying to put feelings or reactions into words brings us some insight, (even if we get those insights in rather a muddled and unstraighforward way) and by sharing ideas and views (which we can only do through words) we can sometimes gain further understanding.

    I don't think we should be afraid of words, or afraid to use them. Just be sure to realise the limits.

    Having said that, I think I personally have probably reached the limits on this one )

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