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    Its kind like why I started this thread. I saw the quote for the very first time, not knowing anything about it, and discover its been studied seemingly as much as Einstein's theory of relativity. Cool beans.
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    "I see the image I desire in my mind's eye"-Stieglitz
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    To me this is the most interesting part of the statment , I want to learn and understand is how it works , it does work , but how ?

    Photographer is a human that is sensitized to the point of 3200 asa or higher to receive and react to the ever so overwhelming protons of light
    There is someething hapens that converts light into emotion , like kinetic power into electricity, between eye and soul there is something that turns a switch ... and what comes out depends on "baggage" or "experience" or "tools" accumulated from the past , it happen consciously or subconsciously depends on how good the technical skill is.

    I am interested in what Roger Hicks has to say in his article about "thinking" in photography . there have been a few great books written by Robert Adams

    There are times when you doing landscapes or nude, or whatever that one is in complete awe of what's infront , you just stand there motionless for a second or two and take it all in... you realise how small and helpless you are in front of nature, it has almost a paralizing effect...

    There is no way that one could duplicate it no metter how skillfull an artist is...
    Although there are some that come very close...

    So, what final product IS has nothing to do with the original subject. Somehow we accept nature as absolute and not wonder how or why , it just is .
    When looking at most of the art viewer can not escape the notion of pondering of how and why , unless it is a master you standing infront of...

    those are just a few thoughts of mine ... , you have yours...share them if you want...


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