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    The only real objection I can think of to hotlinking is the danger that the source URL may change and your link end up pointing to the bit bucket. On the other hand, I wouldn't bother asking for permission to hotlink and I would ask permission to copy someone's illustration to my website, so there are plusses and minuses each way. If they don't want it linked to, they shouldn't put it on the web.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank R View Post
    I am building a medium format folding camera database for readers who ask the question "which MF folder should I get?".

    The result will be a report that will list the camera names and then sort them by their features (coated/uncoated lens, coupled/uncoupled rangefinder, etc.).

    I have the opportunity to add a thumbnail image of each camera in the listing. This will help readers differentiate between cameras with the same name but different features (I have seen three very different versions of the Franka Solida II for example).

    I would like to copy images that I find on other websites to include in my database. I would then link each image back to its original page.

    What are the ethics involved here? Do I have to get permission from each image owner before I use it? I am not making any money from this and I will probably generate traffic for their site through the links.
    It is possible that using a thumbnail of someone else's image would be legal, but I would consult a lawyer first. Fair use has little case law and you could be sued anyway - the fact you make no money is not a defence.

    Its in your best interest to work with a community project like wikipedia where all contributions (including images) are available for reuse in any form under very reasonable conditions (do read exactly what they are).

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