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View Poll Results: Gender and self portraiture?

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  • I'm male and like being in front of the camera

    25 20.16%
  • I'm male and don't like being in front of the camera

    79 63.71%
  • I'm female and like being in front of the camera

    4 3.23%
  • I'm female and don't like being in front of the camera

    16 12.90%
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelygirl View Post
    I'm basically a 'ham', I love to "goof about' in front of someone's still camera, but not video! I found out my voice sounds horrible!
    Don't be too down about that. Everyone's voice sounds different to them to how it sounds to everyone else, because much of what you hear of your own voice is transmitted through the bones of your head, rather than just through the air and into your ear, the way everyone else hears it. This tends to mean that no one likes the way their voice sounds when they hear it on tape or a movie, because we are so used to the way it sounds in our own heads. I know a couple of people with really gorgeous voices, and they both still hate the way their voice sounds to them when it's recorded. (I don't like recordings of mine either, not that I'm claiming it was special to start with.)

    Just in case someone might be curious, I have done a self-portrait within the APUG Galleries:
    I like it. My favourite self-portrait is a shadow one too: there's something nice about the way one's shadow is recognisable and yet anonymous at the same time.


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    Thank you to Akki14; Ian for those tips and folks here just might see an improved self-portrait, later!
    Thank you to Bandicoot for your compliments and info!
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