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Thread: Ansel Liebowitz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Miller
    Quote Originally Posted by Francesco
    The problem is that a lot of people assume to many things about other people instead of concentrating on making beautiful photographs instead. Is it me or is anybody else finding this kind of self-rationalising behaviour too tedious?

    I intend this to be my last post on Apug.

    I think that you are quite accurate in your observation. The attempt to "bump" this thread and then rationalize it as "stream of consciousness" is indicative to me of the level of functioning that some seem to operate at.

    There is one thing that exists in overwhelming abundance on Apug, in my observation, that one thing is egotism. When egotism exists at this level then there can be no fellowship. Fellowship requires a group of equals. This does not exist on this site at this time. I hope for the sake of all that someday it will return.

    I have had others privately ask me not to leave. I am sorry I can not in good conscience entertain that possibility. As my good friend Geo Losse told me awhile back, and I paraphrase...live your life as if it were a play and choose very carefully who you place in the front row of the audience. I will take that guidance to heart.

    Good luck.
    As I said in another thread, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Kick back, relax, and try not to take everything so damn seriously - you may actually start to enjoy yourself here. Yeesh.

    Regarding egotism, I don't buy it. Many egotists? Doubtful. Sure, there are a few people who are full of themselves, but you'll find that in any community, online or otherwise. I and others tolerate them. Why can't you?

    As the Eagles so adroitly put it on their "Hell Freezes Over' tour - Get Over It.


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    "life is too important to be taken seriously"
    Oscar Wilde
    Paul Hamann

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