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As I recall Mike Johnston wrote a column describing an exercise similar (in spirit) to Les' journal. Mike's exercise was simple: shoot a roll of film (I think he suggested one 36 exposure roll of 35mm) every week, get it processed, select the best picture and get it enlarged to at least 11x14 and put it on the wall somewhere very visible. Live with the picture for a week. Repeat at least ten times.

He felt it was important to live with the enlarged pictures. At a workshop last summer Tillman Crane described how he puts work prints up on the wall and lives with them - and uses a red sharpie to highlight what didn't work, or could be improved.

I feel this way myself (except for the format - 6 sheets or 12 6x6) - it is practicing art. If I only wait for the remarkable, I will only capture the cliche' It is those amazing captures all around us and not only that we identify them as noteworthy but that we display them in a way that speaks meaning. And even more so - that each person reflects their own meaning into them as well - such that the artist and the viewer bring each a unique idea that is compelling. It is so very tempting to only wait for the remarkable instead of creating the remarkable from what is around.

Kida lofty aint it .... I guess I'll go out n shoot sumtin now. -Frank