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    Quote Originally Posted by fdfjc View Post
    I remember a few years back my husband told me that our local police department was still using film to photograph crime scenes. Negatives can't be altered, but digital images can. If prosecutors start losing cases because digital crime scene photos are suspect, there will still be a demand for film.
    Now that's interesting. Never thought of that.
    K.S. Klain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ross Chambers View Post
    Also as so much of PJ's work is for digital processing it makes sense to have a digital master, saves all that telecine transfer.
    One thing that often gets forgotten in the film vs digital cinema discussion is that digital storage, moving and duplicating HUGE amounts of data is not fast or cheap. In significantly budgeted projects there is not a significant difference in cost between digital and film acquisition and getting it to post. Another issue is archiving, digital is much more expensive to store long term.

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    I do think more from the post production end of the job, but I did span the sprockets and splicer days and the digital innovations. Imagine the joys of reverting to a previous cut when the producer and/or director, after trying endless variations says those immortal words: "I think I liked the first way we did it" and the poor editorial staff have to rip the cutting copy apart and try to restore all those strips of film and sound to their original order. Or imagine the sound post guys keeping everything in sync and in place when CGIs are arriving right up to and often during the mix and nobody's sticking to the duration allocated to those shots in the cut.

    All this is eliminated by the "Save As first cut" in the first case and the push these tracks up or down by x time code numbers in the second.

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