I found this really interesting. I have an interest in issues where two conventions clash but I'm not really interested in the issues of journalistic ethics, censorship or copyright. For me it was the status of women that was most interesting. I read about Tznius and its interpretation is clearly cause for debate just as the status of women is in Islam and even some Christian groups - that debate is both internal and external. And then I remembered a conversation I had back in 2004 with an (secular) American friend. She claimed that the then proposed French law to prohibit face veils was anti-Semitic. I thought it was clearly anti-Islam but she was adamant. This story has just brought that debate back to my mind and it shows firstly how similar religious conventions are no matter the name of the religion, but also that these conventions which were designed for a distinct group come under great stress as modernity opens the group up to greater scrutiny.

This was a useful site I found:
http://www.davening.net/tznius.html (I had no idea about the female singing voice)

As was this commentary: