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As size goes up, the need for retouching and its difficulty involving dust, dirt and spots goes down. This is a very time consuming and costly process. It is relatively easy with digital using some digital spotting tools. This, I am sure, is a factor as is the increasing expense of LF and ULF camera materials and the increasing difficulty in getting a wide range of products.


Yee-haw, sure is! I love the tippity-tippity-tap-tap-beep-beep of my #20 natural spread brush in removing dust specks, film splodges, hairline scratches et al. Apparently this business of "cleaning up" the neg/tranny at the englargement stage drove of my Ilfochrome printers nuts. I insisted on a speck-free print or I wouldn't pay $200 for it. So many a print went back for re-printing (I was not alone).