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The rule should be if you can't pronounce "giclee", then you can't use it.

Of course this would rule out 97% of the current users....
There aren't many users of Iris printers - so ruling out 97% would probably be about 500 people at this point in time.

Oh, I can pronounce "zhee-clay" but, why would I want to? Since it's a French-based word, I feel like I need to spit or wash my mouth out after saying it.

Mostly, there are no current users for that word since Iris printers are fast going away. No parts, no service & the new generation of variable droplet size, large format, professional printers in the $5k price range have rendered the over $20k Iris obsolete. In Albuquerque, I know of two Iris printers still in use compared to hundreds of 7600 / 9600 Epsons.

The entire story how "giclee" was coined is hilarious - an exercise in pretention for sure - and even admitted as being so by the person that made up the word. They were just trying to get a more "high class" sounding word for gallery acceptance because "ink jet" sounded too pedestrian.