You've hit on the exact reason that I no longer attempt to post on any other forum. I do minor editing to some of my scans, but the majority I scan and post as is. I will make minor adjustments to try and match my scan to the print or negative. I will not crop to correct a bad composition. I have cropped some closeups for sharing with friends - that's an issue of equipment and not a lack of knowledge (I can't afford what I want and need). I wouldn't post the crop for a critique though. For critique I would post the full image and explain any editing I have done and possibly why I did not get closer to my subject.

I will not color correct the sky if I exposed it poorly. I will not crop out something that I thought would fit the composition but ends up looking out of place on the print. I will not correct things to disguise mistakes due to a lack of knowledge or experience. I have cropped out little things that didn't appear in the view finder when a shot was taken - a small problem that I have learned to compensate for.

I don't post on other forums because I grew tired of comments on how to digitally correct or improve my images. I prefer to learn to do the work with my mind and camera and not with a series of mouse clicks.

I think I might be one of those "uptight" film photographers that a lot of digital photographers like to make fun of. I suppose there are film photographers that make fun of people like me too. But as everyone says, you gotta do what makes you happy - and what I'm doing, while it makes me nuts at time, does make me happy.