Late comer here, but been exactly were you have been with a couple of cameras. I go with the go ahead and get it repaired suggestion. Others have said it and I have also experienced the appreciation of a great old camera returned to like new operating condition. Almost 3 years ago I got a Mamiya Press Super 23 in as superb condition externally as you could ever hope to find. Hardly a scratch or dent on the thing...mechanically, it was in horrible condition.....I knew a CLA would be in order but didn't exactly know how much it was needed until I got the camera. It was really bad.....sent if off to the great guy recommended to me. All issues fixed (including botched previous repair to camera) and I have a camera that I treasure to use and treasure to have.

Oh, the CLA was the same cost as the camera........if your going to keep that camera, I feel it's worth it. You can sure buy alot of film for that repaired camera for what you would spend on a Hassy!!

Bob E.