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    [QUOTE=Shootar401;1313749]Either an RB or RZ67, I've owned both and gave my RB away to a friend because I liked the RZ much better. Both the RB and RZ are still made, so don't worry too much about seals, wear and tear, even then, they are built like tanks, and will last forever.

    Are you sure the RB & RZ67 are still made?...I was under the impression Mamiya had (sadly) discontinued both some time ago.

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    Who cares if they are discontinued, there are zillions of minty ones on the market. I can't keep track of how many RBs I have; when I buy a lens on fleabay I often get an old RB along with it. I have three or four now I guess. RZs would concern me a bit more, since there is electronica involved. But, ya know, they are a dime a dozen. And I have yet to see a problem with any of them. Even after dropping a few of them along the way

    You *can* put a 110/2.8 on an RB, you just lose far focus and there is no manual shutter. But for close portraiture it's probably okay. If you need far focus, I cna probably think of a solution.
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    ...and a heap of backs: 6x7, 6x6, 6x8, even a 6x7 Polaroid back...
    The expensive, motorized, 6 X 8 back, from the RB line, will only provide a 6 X 8 image
    when used with late model RB Pro'S' and RB Pro'SD' models.
    The film plane opening on the RZ is smaller and limited to 7 X 7. The 6 X 8, RB back may mount,
    with the necessary RB - RZ adapter, but physically, the RZ can only deliver 6 X 7 images.

    Both the RB and RZ are still made...
    The RB production line ended over a decade ago, and production of the RZ Pro IId,
    the last of the new RZ bodies, possibly ended in late 2010...for 2011 delivery.
    Camera retailers have a glut(?) of unsold NOS, RZ Pro-II's and RZ Pro-IId's on the shelves.
    It is very probable that Mamiya is now only producing [new] 645-AFD cameras in MF.

    Mamiya Press/Universals have not been made since about 1973(?).
    As mentioned, repairs for these cameras become more necessary as every year passes,
    but experienced, competent repairmen (and gals), are becoming even rarer then
    quality, useable examples of these cameras. They're getting pretty, long-in-the-tooth.
    The cameras, and the experienced repairmen.<grin>

    If 6 X 9 is important...as mentioned, I'd look at offerings from Fuji.
    680's and 690's were produced as late as 2008-2009(?), maybe later, and 612's and
    617's were produced maybe till about 2006-2007(?). You will need to do more research on
    Fuji's wide format, (panoramic) cameras. In Fuji, I only have experience with Fuji LF lenses.
    Fuji optics (glass), is basically...second-to-none, or, 'really...really...good.'

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    The RB or RZ is much more modern and user friendly than the Press. But if you aren't bothered by old fashioned mechanics the press is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, the RB(RZ) can do things the Press can't. Focusing on the Press is by way of a rangefinder. With the RB you have a huge and extremely bright screen. Combined with a good WLF you can easily get extremely accurate focus. Also the bellows allow for very close focusing.

    But be warned, if you opt for the 6x8 film back you need to get some other parts to go with it; namely the piece between the camera and the back and an insert for the VF. And furthermore it is battery powered, which is extremely weird since the whole point of the RB is that it is entirely mechanical and requires no power source other than your finger muscles!
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    Fuji GX680 system. RB is an excellent system (and I have one) but pales in comparison to the GX680 - just my 2C worth!

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    Well, after much deliberation, I have decided to go with the RB system (first). When I make more money than my meager graduate student salary, I'll add more MF camera gear to my collection, based on everyone else's suggestions. Many thanks to everyone!
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