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    Mamiya TLR Lens Repair (a good DIY website perhaps?)

    Hello Everyone

    So I have a Mamiya C330 that I've been using for the better part of two decades now. I've had it since High School in fact (I'm 34 now) and it's pretty much become that one camera I would never get rid of. Sure I use other camera and I like them too, but the C330 is that one instrument I always find myself going back to.

    (my goodness, this sounds like a bad romance novel)

    Anyway... I have two lenses for it, a chrome 65mm and a black 80mm. The black 80mm by far gets the most use.

    Over the past three months however, both lenses have developed the same problem. It first happened to the 65mm and when I noticed it I just put the lens in a drawer to deal with at a later time. About a week ago it started happening to the 80mm.

    What happens is no matter what shutter speed I set the lens to it seems to fire at the same speed. Just visually looking at it I'm guessing it's 1/500th of a second because it's lightning quick. The only shutter speed that seems to do anything different is the Bulb setting, which of course leaves the shutter open. Every other setting, from 1 second all the way up to 1/500th of a second all fire at the same speed. Both lenses now have the exact same symptoms.

    I know I could easily replace both of them for very cheap. Mamiya TLR lenses don't exactly command sky high prices, but I've had these for so long I'd much rather repair them. I'm guessing since both lenses now have the same problem this is something other people have experienced as well and I'm hoping it's an easy fix, even better if I can do it myself.

    Does anyone know of any websites that detail taking apart a Mamiya TLR lens? I tried a Google search but didn't come up with anything that looked very clear. I'm not the most experienced camera repair person but I have fixed a few lenses before, namely Kodak lenses on a Speed Graphic or two.


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    I've owned 3 Mamiya TLRs since 1970, still have a C330f. I also have taken apart the lenses without the aid of a manual and repaired them. One one I replaced a broken spring, on another one repaired the release pawl, and another cleaned the oil off the blades. The front reading and side reading lenses are almost the same inside. I found two sites that may be of help to you. One is a flicker account and the other the manual is in French. Maybe a translator can convert it to English. Good luck.



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