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Thread: Fuji 690 111

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    Sep 2009
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    Fuji 690 111

    I'm considering replacing my Kodak Medalist 1 with a fuji gsw690 111. Although somewhat of an awkward device,I find the magnified rangefinder easy to use for sharp focusing. Is this Fuji model capable of similarly tack sharp images
    (it's a thing I have about sharp pictures !) Any personal experiences with these cameras would be greatly appreciated.

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    I consider the 65mm Fujinon lens on the GSW 690 as one of the best lenses ever made in any format--and I've used a lot. The GSW690II/III is my favorite medium format camera and the tonality and sharpness of the Fujinon might be matched--but is not surpassed in my experience.

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    I've shot with a Fuji GSW690II for fifteen years and love it. A little clunky in its operation relative to my Mamiya 7, but if sharpness is what you're after, you'll get it. Tripod and cable release recommended for best sharpness, of course.


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    Excellent camera... excellent lens. You'll love it.
    gene LaFord

    Long live Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!!
    "I don't care about Milwaukee or Chicago." - Yvon LeBlanc

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    Sep 2009
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    Thank you everyone for your hasty replies,guess now it's time to anti-up and
    start searching in earnest.

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    Images i've seen from that camera are phenomenal, one of my bucket list cameras for sure

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    I owned one and will say its lens was the sharpest I've owned. I'd dare to say it was sharper than my Hasselblad's lenses. Good camera, but I never bonded with it, and sold it.

    Peter Gomena

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    Quote Originally Posted by moto-uno View Post
    Any personal experiences with these cameras would be greatly appreciated.
    I have never used the Kodak Medalist 1; therefore, I cannot compare it to the Fuji GSW690 III. I use the Fuji GSW690 III (6x9cm format and fixed 65mm f/5.6 wide-angle lens) and the Fuji GW670 III (6x7cm format and fixed 90mm f/3.5 normal lens). Here are my personal likes and dislikes.

    1. Excellent image quality
    2. Built-in spirit leveler for proper alignment of horizontal orientation shots
    3. Two shutter-release buttons (one for horizontal and one for portrait orientation)
    4. Shutter-release lock button
    5. Battery independent
    6. Electronic flash sync at all shutter speeds
    7. Polycarbonate (plastic) body wears well
    8. Molded polycarbonate body feels good in hands
    9. Shot counter keeps track of camera usage
    10. Tripod socket centrally located on underside of body
    11. Film reminder holder on camera back
    12. Depth-of-field scale on lens

    1. Rangefinder image too small and too hard to see (especially in dim light)
    2. No B shutter speed setting
    3. Lens hood interferes with access to shutter speed and aperture controls on lens
    4. No interchangeable lenses
    5. No telephoto version (normal and wide versions only)
    6. It is hard to read exposure settings when the camera is mounted on a tall tripod
    7. Slow to operate
    8. Requires tripod for best results
    9. No built-in spirit level for vertical (portrait orientation) shots
    10. Lens and lens hood block one corner of the viewfinder
    11. No self-timer
    12. Shot counter influences shooter to shot conservatively
    13. Shutter release cable attaches to top but not front shutter release button
    14. Retractable lens hood covers shutter and f/stop controls when filter is attached.
    15. It is easy to waste a shot when picking up camera and accidentally pressing the shutter release on front of camera.
    16. The “T” setting is used for long exposures, however, to get shutter to close, you must turn the shutter speed ring or move the film advance lever.
    17. There is only an “X” sync (no sync for flash bulbs)
    18. Focus scale only in meters.
    19. The right side camera strap sometimes gets caught when closing the camera back resulting in light-struck film.
    20. Shutter speed cannot be set between click stops. Must set only at click stops.
    21. Must advance film slowly and carefully in order to avoid image overlap.

    1. Best f/stop is f/11 for both
    2. If you use the 690 to take photographs that include the sky, at f/5.6 you will definitely notice vignetting
    3. Best to not advance film until just before shooting. This way there is no chance of accidentally pressing shutter release when handling camera. This also relieves tension on the shutter between shots
    4. Frank Marshman at Camera Wiz is THE fuji repair guy in the country...CAMERA WIZ Camera Repair 169B Pleasant Hill Road Harrisonburg, VA 22801-5715 (800)-471-8133

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