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    Seagull focus repaired!

    Thanks to a breakdown from this forum thread here (google translate may be needed) http://www.china-c-w.com/forum/bbs_s...=4345dc524a31b I was able to open up and fix the annoying focus issue that had plagued me (and it) for a while now.
    Okay, well, I can't post the photos for some reason, so here is the link to the set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/colepaq...th/7516587068/
    Basically, the focus bar had fallen off the end of the cam, knocking it out of alignment. In the infinity position, the bar isn't at the end of the cam, but close, and the lens carrier is all the way back in infinity focus.
    I will admit to having a bit more respect for Seagull now-the focus of the camera is an easy repair that most anyone can do themselves. All you do is rotate the cam and re-attach the focus knob in the right position.
    Well, if anyone else has a similar problem, here is how to fix it.
    Maybe next I'll tackle the self-timer.

    EDIT: Right, I also felt compelled to point out that nowhere was willing to even look at the Seagull, and a repair would have been at whatever they charge to fix a camera, plus however much they charge to even look at it. So, money saved, and that means film for the camera
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    Congratulations and thank you for posting the fix.

    As time progresses, we film camera users will have to be more self-reliant. Stories like yours pave the way.
    - Bill Lynch

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    I had to open the other side of my Seagull to repair/adjust the film winding. It's true that the mecanics are very basic - I wonder how they are in my Rollei (I never had to open it) - But to be remembered that the Seagulls are from an epoch when the Chineses were "copying" (like the Japaneses before WWII). Nowadays, all the hightech digital cameras are "made in China" even when "branded" from other countries, and they are well made.

    Anyway, the Seagulls are good cameras (with fair lenses - mine has a tessalith IV a tessar copy), only they are somehow fragile.




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