Hi guys,

I've got a problem with my polaroid back since last week. I loaded an expired chocolate type 100 from Impossible Project, and did the usual, pull out black tab, took a shot, pull white tab then pull the image to develop. Got my image:

The problem appeared on the second shot. When i pulled the next white tab after shooting, the image tab didn't come out of the rollers.I tried opening and pulling it manually in a pitch black room but apparently it won't work cos the chemical packs are supposed to pass through the rollers. I just got the image without emulsion on it. Did different things til the last shot so I practically i wasted the whole pack.

Now i tried my last pack of 664 and it happened again of the first shot: Pulled the white tab and no image tab appeared in the rollers.

Has anyone experienced this? Now i stopped tinkering because I'm still hoping i could save some of my last 664 shots that i have.