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    Oct 2012
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    Bronica PE 30mm Fisheye Lens for ETR, ETRS, ETRSi

    If I had the cash

    I would bid on FleaBay...

    2 days 16hrs to go...
    Current bid US $232.50

    I already have MC 50mm
    PE 75mm
    PE 150mm bought but waiting delivery
    and PE 250mm lens

    How I wish I had the cash to scoop this 30mm up.
    Info not listed in description can be found from:


    Select "About Lenses" then scroll down to tables "ETRSi"
    and look at the first entry in this table " Zenzanon PE 30mm"

    I have no connection or anything to gain from the sale of this lens...
    Also no connection to the "myphotoweb.com" site.

    I'm simply drooling over and advising APUG members who might be interested in this great lens.
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    I have just bought a nearly new condition ETRS for little money compared to what they were a few years ago. It came with a 75mm series 2 lens and a 55mm wide angle. So far I have only had one FP4= film through to test and the quality is very very good with both lenses. I am now in the market for a plain prism for vertical shots and a 150mm. Eventually I would also like a 40mm too.

    When I think back to when these were still popular you could pay 3-4 times the amount that I did for any of the items these have to be a real bargain.



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