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    Waking up and older thread

    @Dan - did you get the Maxwell micro/split screen installed on your 3.5F? Could you say few words how does it compares to the plain matte Maxwell screen?

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by FL Guy View Post
    Bill is a great guy, he did a CLA and other work (and a screen) on my 3.5F Rollei about 5 years ago. He does like to have a detailed conversation, to his credit I believe it is to make sure you get the right screen model (there are many to choose from).

    The Int'l. rates might hold him back on the phone call. Good luck!

    FL Guy
    Was a great guy from photo.net
    Tom Bloomer , Sep 18, 2012; 04:45 p.m.

    I found very sad news on the Brightscreen web site. Posted 09/11/12
    We are very sad to report that the owner, founder and driving force behind Brightscreen Technologies, Jim Lakey has passed away. He went peacefully with his wife and daughter by his side.

    At this time it is uncertain whether operations at Brightscreen can continue, but we will look at every option in the weeks to come. If you have an order in with us currently, we will be in touch.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this difficult time."
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    Bill Maxwell is NOT Brightscreen. That is a different company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by film_man View Post
    Bill Maxwell is NOT Brightscreen. That is a different company.
    And Bill Maxwell has a different name too, he's not Jim Lakey.

    "Well, my photos are actually much better than they look..."

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    Hello Folks,

    I would like to bring this thread up to date.

    I have and use the Maxwell Hi-Luxe focusing screen in my Rolleiflex 2.8F. It is definitely the best of the available screens out there.

    With Rollei going bankrupt, beside the Chinese screens available and the Beattie Screens, I resorted to the Next BEST thing of buying an RB67screen ad cutting it down to size along with etching my Choice of gridlines

    For the screen I found on eBay original Mamiya RB67 plain screens also a replacement Mamiya RB67 sold by the widow of the late Jim Lakey of BrightScreen.
    These replacement screens, were created to improve the light gathering of the physical screen OVER the original OEM screen. This has been achieve and I do find it easy to achieve that "Snap-to-Contrast".

    I used Rick Oleson's service to cut it down to fit my Rolleiflex 2.8F and to etch it with my choice of gridline that he offers as a side business. I am Happy to report that these New Screens are far better than the original Rolleiflex screens and even the Rollei Hi-D screens! Comparing it as it is to my Maxwell screen,
    this new screen is just a tad behind he Maxwell screen. The cost is far lower than that of the Maxwell screen. I am in the process of outfitting all of my Rollei camera screens with this option. For all of my non-removable WLF and the removable WLF Rolleiflex. I recently purchased a Rollei SL66 that will also have its screen replaced too.

    I am passing along this information to alert others to another viable source of focusing screens beside the Chinese screens, Beattie screens, Rollei Hi-D and the older screens out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Sintchak (rich815) View Post
    And Bill Maxwell has a different name too, he's not Jim Lakey.

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