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    Quote Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
    Or because they can get that much.
    I guess I wasn't clear. That $2,500 was an eprey price. I haven't actually seen one trade at that level. Even if I did all you did was restate the price/demand equilibrium where as I was trying to ascertain the drivers of demand.

    And it appears my initial count was wrong. There appear to be no less than three Schneider PCS lenses in the Rollei mount trading on eprey. That doesn't include the two Rolleigon PCS lenses for the Rollei mount.

    Very interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
    From what I have heard, the T/S for ETR cost new something over ten grand.
    And those came out llloooonnngggg time ago. Lord knows what they would be in today's dollars. I wonder what one would to with such a contraption to make it worth it vs large format back in the day?

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    I had seen the Schneider 55mm PCS in Bronica E mount at swap meets, offered by one guy for a number of years, at the asking price of $5500 back in the early 90's.
    I had always wondered what appeal for a relatively small AOV of 55mm, considering the availability of 24mm shift lens from Olympus, 28mm shift from Nikon; While wider AOV than 35mm shift lenses from both Nikon and Canon, it didn't seen to provide the coverage for architectural work that could be had with a lot less expense with Olympus or Nikon!
    It was far cheaper for me to buy a large format rig than spend $5500 for a used lens for my ETRSi.

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