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    Med. Format RF
    I have long itched going Medium format (and still do, haven't done it yet) and a GW690 seems a really good choice. I'd get one, but buying the camera and extra gear needed would leave me with no money left for film.

    Really, really lucky person to grab one of these for 2$. Holy bad. Sorry to hear the OP couldn't grab it. If 200$ is a great price, 2$ is just free.

    Quote Originally Posted by revdocjim View Post
    First, I actually prefer the 6x7 and 6x6 look over the 6x9, which looks too much like a 645 or a 35mm frame to me. Secondly I actually do think the absence of a light meter is quite unfortunately. If you are buying a rangefinder portability and ease of use is the whole point! Why should you have to lug around a separate piece of equipment and double the number of steps and time it takes to make a photo?
    Anyway, the $2 story is a heart breaker! Better luck next time. And in spite of my prejudice, if you find what you're looking for I expect you will love it and take some wonderful photos with it.
    I agree, I am someone who prefers a shorter ratio compared to 3:2 (35mm).
    I too though about the lack of meter, but many other cameras (Leica M, Nikon F) also lack metering. Might be an opportunity to slow down, as 6x9 with 8 frames shouldn't be taken in a hurry.

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    35mm RF
    Prest - Very true, those frames are not cheap these days either.

    What about the Mamiya 7 as a contender with the gf/gw's about the same price second hand as the gf, and multiple lens capable. I have heard pretty good things in the past about them. i am in no hurry really to buy any of this stuff, as I have a bunch of new gear I am playing with.

    Haha, I cant decide, and to top things off a friend has just called and wants to swap his Bronica with my old IId although, i dont really want an SLR
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